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Amity Hope's Twisted Blog Tour & Giveaway

Wow!! So I hadn't realized that it's been as long as it has since I last posted something on the blog! Craziness has ensued around here since my last post, and I've neglected SO MUCH! For this I apologize. I hope that it won't happen again!

Now, what do you say we work past our differences, and my neglect, with a tour stop and giveaway, huh? I was asked a bit ago by Book Nerds Across America if I would like to participate in Amity Hope's blog tour for her recent release Twisted. I said yes, and committed to writing a review for the book. Might I say, this is a good one!

Allow me to introduce you to Amity Hope by sharing a little bit about her, and then we'll jump directly into my review...

I live in Minnesota with my two sons, two cats and our Rottweiler named Daisy.

I have been a book-addict my entire life. I have always enjoyed reading and writing stories just for fun. In 2012 I decided to try self-publishing. To my delight and dismay, my debut novel took off. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to write full-time.

If I'm not writing or spending time with my kids, I'm most likely reading.

You can find Amity by clicking on any of the following links.


Maya Anderson has faced more than her share of tragedy and heartbreak. For the past six years she’s constantly been on the move with her mom. When another disaster strikes, she finds herself back in her childhood hometown of Beaumont, living with her older sister for her senior year.

A chance meeting reacquaints her with Ben McCaffey, a long-forgotten classmate from her past. After the death of his girlfriend, Ben has become a social outcast. He’s despised by some and feared by most.

Determined to become Ben’s friend, Maya begins to break through his layers of emotional protection. It isn’t long before they realize that they both have secrets in their pasts. As the line between dealing with grief and struggling with a desire for revenge begins to fade, the secrets that draw them together may be what will ultimately tear them apart. Because the closer Maya gets to Ben, the more dangerous her situation becomes.

I have to tell y'all that I absolutely enjoyed this book. It was deep, but not dark. It was fluid, while at the same time keeping you on the edge of your seat. The touches of suspense were just enough and very tasteful. There isn't really much I can complain about when it comes to this book, however, by the time I was finished, I was looking for more. I couldn't believe it was over so quickly. I felt like there was so much more to tell, so you can imagine how elated I was to read that there IS a follow up companion. That small bit of news tucked into the back of the book made my heart sing. 

I have to admit that there were some editorial flaws within the text, but it wasn't so bad that it completely threw me off the story. I was able to read through them as though they were barely there. Now, having said that, I have to tell you this... 

I adored Maya, and I loved Ben. I felt awful for the both of them, and I think it's okay for me to say that I was just as frustrated with the entire situation as Maya was. I literally found myself wanting to toss my Kindle across the room a time or two, because I was so fed up with certain characters and a few aspects. There were some portions in which I caught myself tearing up and then others I could almost feel the strain coming through the pages when Maya couldn't break through. It was enough to make me want to crawl into the book and squeeze her and thank her so much for trying. 

All in all, this book captivated me from the opening scene and held on to me until the closing sentence. It's a great read, with strong characters and a beautiful, touching premise. I'm giving it FOUR Blue Butterflies (because that's how I roll over here at Ramblings of a Writer.). Do yourself a favor and check out the buy links below. Don't forget to enter in the giveaway for your chance to win a signed copy and/or one of 3 e-books. Also, check out the book trailer, it is awesome! 

Best wishes and happy reading!!!

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