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Hoax by Lila Felix

She's spent a long time in a bubble. In an odd turn of events, Corinne is taken out of boarding school and plunged into high school where bullies reign and nice guys come in last.

But this is after she's already fallen in love with Abel over the summer.

Abel is trapped, with friends he secretly hates, but has chosen to stay with the status quo. It's just high school, right?

What do you do when the person you love sees the very worst part of you? And how do you help them when they discover their life is a hoax?

I've got to be honest here, y'all. I loved this book. I really did. It was great. Not really great, but it was great. Having said that, let me explain to you why. 

For me, Hoax was missing something. I can't put my finger on what exactly, but it was something that I feel like would have granted me the ability to fall head over heels for it and give it five stars. Was it my favorite from Lila, no. Nothing can beat Love & Skate... Not yet anyway. We'll see soon enough, but this isn't about that. 

Hoax was a wonderful story about hope, trust and love. Corrine has a hard time trusting people, mostly because no one has ever been there for her. Not her parents, not anyone. Not until Abel. Spending the summer with Abel taught her the meaning of trust, faith. friendship, and love. But, when Corrine sees Abel sitting on the sidelines watching while his "friends" terrorize someone she cares about, she snaps and loses the faith that she had in Abel during their summer romance. Corrine loses further control of her life when things come to light about her family. However, with the damage done, she internalizes and refuses to let anyone in. Even Abel.

I feel like, looking back, what Hoax was missing was a deeper bond for Corrine. I feel like if she'd had another person to lean on, someone who could help her heal, it would have been better. Please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that Corrine's character was underdeveloped, I'm saying that this book needed something more.

All in all, I would recommend this book to friends. It really is a good book, and it may not be missing something for other readers. Give it a chance. You may find something that I didn't.

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