Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cover & Blurb!!!

Okay, guys! I have to show all of you the outstanding cover for You Just Know, as well as share with you the blurb, so that you'll know what you're reading about. Ready... Set... Here we go!

We'll start with the cover, and then follow up with the blurb. Please be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you think! Be honest! Honesty is the best policy. Well, it is for me anyway. Alright, I'll stop rambling and give you what you want.

Isn't it just beautiful?! I absolutely love it. I couldn't have done a better job if I had done it myself. Luckily, I didn't do it myself, so that's why it's as gorgeous as it is. :-)

And now for the blurb! I am so super excited to share this with all of you. If you haven't read it, and this is your first time reading it, I hope you'll like it. So, here we go.


Slater Price is a seventeen year old senior who hasn't had the easiest life. Abandoned by her father at a young age, Slater has grown up living with a mother who loves her, a best friend who understands her, and a softball team who will stand behind her through it all. There's just one thing missing.


Brady Davis is the star of the football team, and was Slater's best friend until they were twelve. He was a witness to her father's abandonment, but broke his vow to always be there for her when she needed him most. Over the years, he watched as Slater slowly pulled herself out of the spotlight, and now he'll stop at nothing to make it right again.

His only problem- Slater's dad sweeps back into town, revealing secrets and truths about the whys and hows of his sudden departure.

Will this fledgling foundation of a renewed friendship between Brady and Slater be enough? Will the love that Brady has held inside help Slater when she needs someone to trust? Can Slater pull herself together, face the past and the truth, and allow Brady to be the rock he's always tried to be? Or will it have all been too late?
And there you have it! Don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me what you think! Happy reading!!!

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