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Incendiary Blog Tour

Hi guys!!! So today Ramblings of a Writer is a stop on the blog tour for Amy Bartol's Incendiary tour! YAY!!! *throws confetti while blowing a party whistle and marching around happily*

As a part of this tour, I am obligated to tell you all about the book, BUT because I was a part of the cover reveal, I think I can safely link you to all of the same info there and it'll be okay. However, I still want to show you just how gorgeous Amy Bartol is, so here's her picture and her bio!

She's so pretty. I love her to death!

Author Information:
I live in Michigan with my husband and our two sons. My family is very supportive of my writing. When I’m writing, they often bring me the take-out menu so that I can call and order them dinner. They listen patiently when I talk about my characters like they’re real. They rarely roll their eyes when I tell them I’ll only be a second while I finish writing a chapter…and then they take off their coats. They ask me how the story is going when I surface after living for hours in a world of my own making. They have learned to accept my “writing uniform” consisting of a slightly unflattering pink fleece jacket, t-shirt, and black yoga pants. And they smile at my nerdy bookishness whenever I try to explain urban fantasy to them. In short, they get me, so they are perfect and I am blessed. Please visit me at my website:

So now that you know more about Amy, and have checked out the cover and all that fun stuff in the previous post, I have something special for you! Amy has sent me the biography for one of the new characters that we meet in Incendiary. This character is absolutely, 100%, F.I.N.E. I want him for my own. I'm not kidding in the slightest. You might know him, you might not. You might even have your own image of how you think his looks, but I have my own, and it is freaking PERFECT!!! Okay, okay. I'll stop teasing you and tell you who he is...

It's XAVIER REECE!!! Sadly Xavier couldn't join me here on the blog today but Amy was kind enough to give me his playlist, as per his request, and I would like to share it with you now.

So please allow me now to share with you more about Xavier. Honestly this man, celestial being, angel, eternal creature, whatever the hell you'd like to call him is the be all, end all for me when it comes to the Premonition series. I mean I love Reed, and Brennus takes hot bad ass undead faerie vampire to a whole new level, but Xavier Reece? Wow. Just wow. Anyway, here's more about X.

FIRST- I want to show you guys how I think Xavier looks... 

Give him a pair of red seraph wings and BAM! Xavier. Of course we'd have to have him wear contacts, but you get it.

XAVIER REECE – Evie’s incredibly sexy ex-boyfriend from high school who she now learns has been her guardian angel in every one of her past lifetimes, including this one.  Having been unable to tell Evie about her physiology, or their history together, Xavier is anxious for Evie to remember the secrets that lie hidden between them.  As her angel, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her while he waits for the day that she’ll rediscover her love for him.

Physical attributes:  Appears to be approximately 20 years old (but he’s ancient), 6’ 5”, golden-blond hair with a “in the now” style, he has heterochromia iridium so one eye is blue and the other is green, crimson-colored wings that are retractable and can be completely hidden within him and resemble an avian, chiseled face, flawless angelic skin, sleek muscles.

Xavier’s Class of angel:  
Divine Seraphim angel – first tier of angels, they’re the highest order of angel and the closest to God.  They’re known as God’s guardians and are distinguishable by their wing color, which is red or crimson and resemble an avian.  They’re equal in physical strength to a Power angel when fully evolved.  Their symbol is the shield.

Supernatural abilities:
·      Immense physical strength - he can juggle minivans if he wanted. This is a standard angelic trait.

·      Run extremely fast - he can move so fast he is just a blur to the human eye. This is a standard angelic trait.

·      Fly – he can fly by using his crimson wings. This is a standard angelic trait.

·      Acute hearing

·      Higher visual acuity –  Xavier can see vast distances and has night vision.  Able to detect several colors not in the human spectrum of vision, and allows the angel to see lingering “souls” who have not ascended (ghosts). This is a standard angelic trait.

·      Extremely developed fighting skills – Seraphim are created to protect God.  They’re the most lethal of all angels.

·      Immortality – Xavier will never die unless another being kills him.  If he is killed, he ‘ceases to be’ because angels do not have souls.

·      Heal from serious wounds – ability to heal quickly and regenerate tissue, sinew and bone rapidly.  This is a standard angelic trait.

Well, that's all I have for you guys today! Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out all things Xavier. Make sure to check out all of the places in which you can find all things Amy Bartol, and hit the next spot on the tour, Doctor's Notes, tomorrow!

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