Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Alright, alright, alright. I think it's pretty safe for you all to assume that I am on Tiffany King's street team. That being said, I have something for all of you guys! That always amazing Tiffany is releasing a book soon! Now I know what you're all thinking, and the answer is YES!!! Yes, already. Yes, she is a machine. Yes, it's is going to be fantastic. What you DON'T know, however, is that it is book one in a new paranormal series from one of our most favorite Indie authors!

The only thing I am sad to report is that I do not have a blurb for you guys yet, but never fear, I will have one for you soon enough! So what do you say we get down to the reason I summoned you all here. Ha ha. Get it? Summoned. 'Cause this is a paranormal series... Ah forget it. Here's the stunning cover...

Don't you just love it? I know I do! And believe me, I'm just as anxious as you are to read the blurb. I want to know what is going to go on behind this outstanding cover! 

So, that's all I've got for y'all today! Stop by later this week and I should have the blurb posted for you. 

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